Credit: Rukes
Credit: Rukes

There was something refreshing about walking into the parking lot of the old American Apparel buildings in Downtown LA and knowing that you were about to encounter Gary Richard’s first take at his own festival in over a year; All My Friends Fest.

It was hard to make out if it was gonna be newbie ravers or seasoned festival goers, heck, even a more eclectic festival crowd on Saturday afternoon, but as soon as the sun went down it was just a mixture of people happy to get far away from back to back bangers ready to indulge in mature party vibes.

The lineup featured acts such as Gucci Mane, Jhené Aiko, Jaime XX, and RL Grime, to name a few. Deceivingly Hip-Hop oriented, the lineup also featured powerhouse Techno and House acts such as Chris Lake, Soul Clap, Chris Lorenzo, and Destructo himself, proving Gary Richards is staying true to his roots.

With that being said, here are 5 sets that were a MUST at AMF.

Credit: Quinsey Sablan
Credit: Quinsey Sablan

Jhené Aiko

Jhene Aiko hosted one of the smoother sets of the night, something that stood out about AMF. Given it is very rare for such lax sets to have high billing on relatively electronic festivals, this is a solid representation of the festival shift that Gary is embodying. She took festival goers on a ride carried by her sultry and infectious vocals with a scene decorated by colorful flowers creating a simple, yet effective set.


Credit: OhDagYo

Golf Clap

Better known for their after-hours House oriented sets, Golf Clap did what they do best and took us into Tech-House heaven for almost two hours straight. You could feel the Detroit underground oozing from the speakers as their set transcended you into that felt like a true warehouse party. With a name that is starting to become prevalent in the scene, keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready for the sounds of Golf Clap. You just can’t miss that hi-hat.

Credit: Rukes
Credit: Rukes

Jamie XX

Jaime xx basically brought out the entire festival to his set with over 10k+ people in attendance and really one of the few acts in the scene that could headline a solo show, and then kick off a tour with his other project (The xx) the next day. There was something so special about the simplicity this guy carried in his set. By that I mean 4 cdj’s, 3 disco balls, tons of white light, and only the best (aka all) in his discography that came together to create an ambiance unlike any other at AMF.

Credit: Rukes
Credit: Rukes

Chris Lorenzo

Known to be the bassline master, Chris Lorenzo owned up to the name and dominated the FRIENDZONE stage. Prominent in what he would call “House & Bass”, to say he had the entire crowd that was present grooving would be an understatement. Packed from the very front of the stage to as far back as the area would allow people to dance, this was one of the grooviest sets of the weekend for sure.

Credit: Rukes
Credit: Rukes

RL Grime

RL Grime’s set took the production factor up a notch for Saturday and kicked off his set with pyro booms and co2 cannons. Talk about opening with a bang. Playing most of his latest album, “Nova”, he eased into it all with “Feel Free”, the opening track on his album, and took us into what felt like a smooth concoction of party vibes where Hip-Hop meets Electronic music.


In short, you better be at AMF next year.

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5 Best Sets From Inaugural All My Friends Festival

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