Lil Skies comes through with the split screen.

Sometimes, a singular Lil Skies simply won’t do; only two will suffice. Such is reality on the split screen visuals for “No Rest,” expand the scope of his brand new single. Directed by Nicholas Jandora, Skies chronicles two simultaneous, if tangentially interconnected narratives. The bulk of his activities include flexing, counting money, and performing live. Now, you can witness him do that twice over, which bodes well for fans of the once-XXL Freshman.

The dual perspective¬†of Skies’ lavish lifestyle speaks to his rapidly rising status, and one has to wonder if “No Rest” is set to pave the way for a new project. In any case, Skies seems content to pick up where he left off, not reinventing the wheel but continuing his journey. Peep the clip now, and sound off. Were ya’ll feeling these visuals from Lil Skies?

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