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Finding a new home in the Bay Area, Insomniac Events have blessed Northern California with its first major EDM festival since Beyond Wonderland. This past weekend was huge, it was very important for many reasons and I’ll tell you why.

Last year, thousands of fans poured into the Shoreline Amphitheater for the return of Audiotistic. To no surprise, the event was near perfect. The lineup, venue, and production had fans praying that their local scene would be rewarded a major festival. Due to the overwhelming support, their prayers were answered and here we are today.

On July 14th and 15th, 2018, an ecstatic crowd of party-goers lined up in the heat ready to rage for one unforgettable weekend. A spectacle that provided a top-notch lineup, stage design, pyro, fan interaction, and even food selection. The investment made by the Insomniac team and company were very much noticed and appreciated. These two days offered a surplus of memories and experiences many will get to take home with them for the rest of their lives. With a crowd in high-spirits, the contagious energy was floating all throughout the venue, making it impossible to not have a good time. This was a major step up from last year and I can only hope this is the beginning of something amazing. Now, onto the music.


Kaskade proved to be the perfect closer for the two-day festival. Letting his veteran presence be felt, his crowd control and track selection came into play to give us a nostalgia trip we’ll never forget. Easily one of my favorite sets of the night.

Virtual Self

Virtual Self stunned us all at the main stage. Hitting on all phases with various tempos and genres, Porter struck us all with an impeccable performance. Tying everything in from the visuals to the stage production, the live set as whole treated fans to an experience. The lasers really lived up to the hype…

Nitti Gritti

Nitti Gritti played an absolutely flawless set. The unpredictability never let us catch a breath of energy. It was non-stop and you didn’t know what was coming next. Hip-Hop? Trap? Dubstep? House? It didn’t matter, he played it all. Incredible display of talent behind the decks.


I’ve been a huge supporter of the house music resurgence going on in Dance Music right now and Habstrakt is one of its biggest contributors. Constantly putting out anthems on a wickedly consistent basis, it was no surprise his set would have the crowd sweating by the end of it. The energy and rhythm were uncanny, this set brought so much life into the Frequency 2.2 stage.

Ray Volpe

Standing out as one of the most promising dubstep producers in the game right now, Ray Volpe lived up to the bill. He crushed his day 2 set and there was never a dull moment either. The biggest takeaway from his set is that he managed to electrify the crowd for a solid hour playing about 80% of his own music. A rarity for some DJs these days.

Audiotistic Bay Area 2018 Proved Why The Scene Deserves A Festival

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