Summer is right around the corner! Time to grab the crew, roll those windows down, and bump this tasty little gem from Hoverboots, Dabow, and Riff Raff.  “Tangerine Summer” encapsulates what a solid cruising song should be.  Heavy 808s, chill flow, fire rhymes, plus a smooth and savory drop describe this festival season banger.  Having the seasoned vet Riff Raff add his style on top of the crushing beats of the established Dabow and rising star Hoverboots was a perfect move to create such an infectious tune.  I would not be surprised if you heard this blaring out the windows of passing cars as the summer progresses. Stream “Tangerine Summer” below.

PREMIERE: Hoverboots, Dabow, and Riff Raff Want To Bring Some Tang In Your Life With “Tangerine Summer”

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