It’s no secret deadmau5 has a distaste for mainstream EDM. He’s criticized everyone from Marshmello to Kayzo, often because of the music they make.

So, one would assume deadmau5 wouldn’t be friends with someone like Martin Garrix, right? Think again. This week during EDC China, deadmau5 uploaded two choice Instagram posts. First, he posted a picture of himself holding a body pillow of Garrix with the caption “50 shades of wrong.” The post initially seemed like a typical, sarcastic move from the mau5, but then he uploaded a second post.

For the second post, he posted a picture of himself holding the real Garrix with the caption “50 shades of more wrong.” The second photo is pretty much the exact same as the first photo, barring the differences between a Garrix body pillow and the real Garrix. Both artists played the first EDC China on April 30. So, even though deadmau5 trolled Ultra in 2014 by playing Garrix’s hit track “Animals,” it looks both artists are friends.

Take that, haters!

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