Circus Records has come a long way from their core artists they presented when they first launched. They just added a new artist to their roster who goes by the name of Growlz, and his debut track on the label is an absolute smasher.

Growlz has already had collaborations with the likes of Riot Ten and Holly, but his debut solo original on Circus is absolutely massive and throws it back to the dubstep wubs of years past. Called “Gang Of Killerz,” the new single is very short and sweet. The drop comes in at just 25 seconds, wasting no time in throwing only the most warped basslines in your face. It’s so short that there isn’t even any bridge to speak of, just a 25 second intro, drop and drop, and outro. It’s pure simplicity is bass form and it’ll melt your face off.

“Gang Of Killerz” officially drops tomorrow on Circus Records, but you can listen to it exclusively here now on Your EDM.

Growlz – Gang of Killerz

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